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Round-Island Excursion
  This is a full day excursion. Departure from the Pinos Playa with a bus, arriving at Inca where you visit a leather factory before going on to Sa Calobra which is the mouth of the Torrente de Pareis, the deepest torrent from Mallorca. From there you go by boat to Puerto de Soller where you catch the old and pittoresque train to Palma. Return from Palma to Pinos Playa with a bus.

Formentor Excursion
  This is a full day excursion. Departure from the Pinos Playa with a bus in the direction of Sineu where there will be a stop for one and half hours to go shopping at the market before going to Puerto de Pollença to take a boat trip to Cabo Formentor through some of the most spectacular sceneries of Mallorca. Visit to Puerto de Alcudia followed by a visit to a ceramic shop in Manacor before returning to Pinos Playa.

Palma-Valldemosa Excursion
  Departure From Pinos Playa with a bus, visiting Palma Cathedral and its Old Quarter, after that these will be time for shopping. Then a visit to Bellver Castle before going to Valldemossa with a visit to the
charterhouse where Chopin stayed. Free time to visit the village. Return.
Palma aquarium
  A spectacular marine park that faithfully recreates sea and oceanic habitats and ecosystems.
An exceptional range of flora and fauna from the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
8000 specimens from 700 different species in 5 million litres of seawater.
Is located in Playa de Palma, just 15 minutes from the city centre.
  AQUALAND EL ARENAL is located near the El Arenal beach in the south of the island of Mallorca. It offers visitors the opportunity to spend an unforgettable day with their families and friends enjoying state of the art attractions such as the Banzai, the Grand Canyon and the Devil's Tail. Also, three great areas for children: the Mini Park, the Dragoland and Polynesia. Relax at the end of the day on our fantastic green lawns and in the Jacuzzi.

  Marineland Mallorca. is a Marine Zoo which has pioneered the creation of an active Environmental Education Department and a Rescue Centre for cetaceans and turtles, victims of accidents, illnesses or any other circumstance that calls for specialised personnel. Open all year round, Marineland it is a renowned institution in the island's tourism sector due to its dolphins, seals and sea lions.
Located at Costa d'en Blanes, Calviá, MALLORCA.
Amphitheatre for dolphin and sea lion shows
Parrot amphitheatre, Shark Tank, Tropical House, Bird's house
Polynesian Garden, Children's Park, Beach

Caves of Drach
  A half-day excursion. Departure from Pinos Playa with a bus to Porto Cristo to visit the Caves of Drach with the biggest underwater lake in Europe. here is a trip by boat and a short concert of music from Chopin, taking advantage of the excellent acoustics in the cave. Afterwards, there is a visit to the pearl factory in Manacor before returning to Pinos Playa.
Sloane Helicopters

Based in Son Bonet, Sloane Helicopters Mallorca is a company fully approved by civil aviation, licensed and insured. They uses the very popular Robinson 44 helicopter, a formation flight of two aircrafts allows up to 6 passenger trips.
Flights are carried through typical touristic sights, a typical route would be from Son Bonet passing north coast, flying Valldemossa, Deia, Soller and then crossing Tramuntana peaks to return to Son Bonet, also offers "the big one" a flight along all the coast of the island, in any case, the customer can choose anywhere to fly in Mallorca, except for 2 restricted areas.
There is the possibility to do a flight with dinner included, landing at fine and elegant restaurants that Sloane has a special treatment with, or heli picnic, landing in one of the best secret places, then a picnic lunch and continue after the flight.
Heli-carting: run circuit Karts and helicopter flights all in one.
Heli-Globe: the helicopter will go to a ballooning base, we will make a half hour flight in a balloon, which will be provided with champagne and chocolates. Finally pick up with the helicopter to return to Son Bonet.

Mallorca balloons
  Take a trip in a balloon, skimming through the sky over Mallorca, seeing it in all its beauty and all its loveliest corners and no traffic! Views which were impossible until now and which you will never forget.
* Guided by experienced pilots.
* Flight safety instructions given
* It takes between 3 and 4 hours (the flight takes: 1/2 hour or 1 hour according to reservation)

Excursion to Cabrera
  Departure from port of Colonia de Sant Jordi.
One day excursion to the national park.
Free time to visit the castle, the museum, the monument dedicated to the french, n'Ensiola lighthouse, go to the beach, Sa cova Blava...

Boat trips
  Boat trip along the east coast (Reserva Marina de Migjorn) entering the coves where you will watch the sea life through the boat's glass bottom. Departure from Cala Figuera.
enjoy the breathtaking views of the Natural Park Cala Mondragó where you could swim (from june to september) in its crystalclear turquoise.
Note: currency marked with * expired, they are on show only for your convenience

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Excursion price list
Price list of the season 2015. (VAT included)
Services offered by external enterprises.
Prices can be changed without previous warning.
Item Euro Item Euro
 Round-Island trip, adults (children 50%) 65,00
 Formentor trip and Sineu market, adults 33,75  Children 16,50
 Palma-Valldemossa trip, adults 37,50  children 18,75
 Palma aquarium, adults 39,50  children 22,50
 Tickets only, no transfer, adults 23,00  children 7,00
 Aqualand, adults 45,00  children 30,00
 Tickets only, no transfer, adults 27,00  children 18,50
 Baby 10,00
 Marineland, adults 39,50  children 26,00
 Western Park, adults 44,50  children 30,00
 Marineland + Western Park, adults 60,00  children 40,00
 Marineland + Golf Fantasia, adults 53,00  children 35,00
 Marineland + Katmandu, adults 60,00  children 40,00
 Sloane Helicopters
 Trial lesson 30 min (Robinson 22) 199,00
 Robinson 44, up to 3 people + pilot, 15 min 299,00  Robinson 44, up to 3 people + pilot, 30 min 449,00
 Robinson 44, up to 3 people + pilot, 45 min 559,00  Robinson 44, up to 3 people + pilot, 60 min 699,00
 All island coast tour "The Big One" 1.799,00  Heli-Karting (3 people) 799,00
 Heli Dinner 30 min. global price: 549,00  Heli Dinner 60 min. global price: 949,00
 Heli picnic (normal basket) 60,00   Heli picnic (de luxe basket) 99,00
 Heli Balloon, 1 pers. 999,00  Heli Balloon 2 pers. (each) 499,00
 Heli Balloon, 3 pers. (each) 333,00  Heli Balloon 4 pers. (each) 499,00
 Heli Balloon, 5 pers. (each) 399,00  Heli Balloon 6 pers. (each) 333,00
 Balloon trip "Mallorca Balloons"
 Adults 160,00  Children 90,00
 Flight over Palma 190,00  Short flight 120,00
 Drach caves, adults (children 50%) 37,50
Other trips
 Palma shopping + Panoramic view, adults 24,75  children 12,00
 Visit to Palma + Valldemossa, Adults (Children 50%) 37,50
 Visita Palma y Catedral, Adultos (Niños 50%) 40,00
 Son Amar Gold dinner Adults (Children 50%) 80,00  Platinum dinner Adults (Children 50%) 128,00
 Katmandu, adults 39,50  children 23,00
 Voyager Tour, adults 56,00  children 38,00
 One day in jeep, adults 65,00  children 38,00
 Vita Bel II Sailboat 125,00  Chidren up to 12 years 100,00
 Starfish Boat tickets adults 20,00  children 12,00
 Excursions to Cabrera
 PREMIUM adults 49,00  children 29,00
 FAST adults 42,00  children 27,00
 CLASICA adults 40,00  children 25,00
 EXPRESS adults 40,00  children 25,00
 SUNSET adults 30,00  children 20,00
 SOUTH COAST adults 18,00  children 10,00
 Boat trip "REDSTAR" from Cala Figuera
 Discovery Tour adults 20,00  children 14,00
 Nature Tour adults 27,00  children 19,00
 Explorer Tour adults 39,00  children 25,00
 Mondrago national Park adults 25,00  children 17,00
 Virgin beach day adults 55,00  children 38,00
 full moon walk adults 20,00  children 14,00

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